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The Weekly Catharsis - examples

A few people have gotten in touch to say they'd like to take part in The Weekly Catharsis, but they're not good at writing. Good news: you don't have to be! Writing is just the vehicle to take what's in your head out. It doesn't matter what it sounds like.

To give you an idea of what The Weekly Catharsis is, I've shared a couple of pieces below - one voicing fear, and one what someone likes about life right now. Both are just as valid as the other, so please don't judge yourself as not good enough. Write whatever is in there down, and send it off to me at before Friday.

"I’m really scared. What if we never get to go back to how it was? What if this is the new normal? What if this is basically the start of the end? Is this what the end of the world looks like? We might get a handle on coronavirus, but what if it mutates and comes back stronger? What if we eradicate coronavirus but there’s an even bigger baddie round the corner that makes coronavirus look like a walk in the park? What if things will never be normal again?"

"It took coronavirus for me to be kind to myself, to slow down and be ok with that. I’ve always rushed around, fitting as much as possible into my day. I loved that I was a good worker, but it did mean my kids heard a lot of answers like “in a minute honey” or “not now, maybe at the weekend”. And then I had to stop. There are loads of negatives to coronavirus, obviously, but I’m loving the new slower routine. We wake up without alarms. We breakfast together over chats. We bake every day. We run around the garden and go for walks. We pick up random treasures like pebbles and leaves and sticks. We make robots and masks and costumes that work with a bit of imagination. We learn new skills that never made it to the top of the priority list before. We watch movies. We try yoga. We read books. We build things. I’m not sure I want to go back to how it was before."

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